The SD-2020 Plus Protective Desk Screen has been specifically designed to create a safer environment for individuals in the workplace.
The crystal clear polycarbonate window allows you to have an important line of sight between colleagues. And with adjustable settings for almost any desk, the SD-2020 Plus works as physical and visual barrier between workstations.
Specifically designed to help fulfil government workplace social-distancing requirements it also maintains a personal workspace and safer working environment for all.

SD-2020 Plus - Protective Desk Screen- Large

  • This larger screen has all the benefits of our standard product - but extends to the back of all but the deepest of desks - this can also be used across the rear of two desks that face each other.
    When used in conjunction with the standard product individual work 'booths' can be formulated.

    SCREEN: Size: W 1290mm H 660mm D 25mm

    4 adjustable horizontal settings

    DESK CLAMP: Clamp apeture - 80 mm

    MATERIALS: Frame - Aluminium

    Window - UV stable polycarbonate

    Clamp - Steel