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Why invest in our COVID screen?

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has been tough on businesses on all sectors, with many offices currently standing empty, and employees staying at home to work rather than braving communal spaces. As government guidelines urge businesses to remain closed amid the current national lockdown, now is the ideal time to give your Coronavirus safety procedures a closer look.

Boost employee safety

Office spaces are intrinsically communal in nature, and this can make keeping employees safe more difficult than it seems. While mask-wearing and handwashing form a large part of the safety measures which many businesses have put in place, for those employees who sit at a desk all day in an open-plan office, more measures must be implemented.

Our protective COVID screens have been designed to enable employee engagement and interaction, while still adhering to the social distancing guidelines. They are available in a selection of sizes and are affixed to desks securely for added peace of mind.

These screens are a fantastic way to limit lost busines due to employee sickness, and help protect everyone who spends time in your office space.

Adhere to government guidelines

It is not only your concerns for employee safety which make sneeze screens a worthwhile investment. Social distancing is also an essential part of getting your office spaces ready to reopen under the new government guidelines.

These guidelines have been designed to keep the economy going during this difficult time, while also limiting the spread of the disease through workspaces and communities. Our screens have been independently tested and found to be an important component of sticking to the HM government rules and regulations.

The ideal time to install

There is no better time to install your virus protective COVID screens than when the office is empty. Having fewer employees around will ensure less chances of accidental Covid-19 spread or breaking of social distancing rules. By installing your screens right now, by the time your staff return to the workplace, you can be sure that the space is safe and adhering to government regulations.

This saves lots of headaches in the long run, by preventing unnecessary future closures, lost labour and even a fine from the government. It’s quick and convenient to install our COVID screens, and you can be assured of their quality thanks to our considerable expertise in metal fabrication and manufacturing.

At INKK Steel and Digital we offer a selection of COVID protective screens to suit your requirements. Our COVID screens are ideally suited to businesses eager to stay on top of the latest government guidelines.

As with the rest of our product range, each COVID screen is carefully created at our in-house workshop. To browse our full range, head to the online store.

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