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The INKK Steel and Digital Difference

Projects involving steel and metals call for lots of skill and experience in order to ensure their safety and effectiveness. This is what we bring to customers across London and the rest of the UK here at INKK Steel and Digital.

Considerable expertise

We bring more than a decade of experience to every job, helping to reassure customers of our skills and considerable expertise. At present, we offer a wide range of services in the steel fabrication, metal and digital sectors, so that our clients benefit from a ‘one stop’ solution to many of their commonplace problems.

We recently introduced a range of COVID screens which have been independently verified as an important part of keeping businesses safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as adhering to government social distancing guidelines. In addition, our diverse range of services span everything from structural and architectural steel fabrication through to onsite installation, metal laser cutting, fencing and barrier fabrication and more.

Whatever your metal-based task, we welcome new enquiries.

A professional team

Our team has been carefully assembled to ensure every employee has the skills and know-how to get the job done efficiently and to your specifications. We take our hiring process very seriously, only choosing the very best to join us here at INKK Steel and Digital.

Following many years of serving our customers, we are redefining the business direction as specialising in steel fabrication as our flagship service and are happy to help out with a wide variety of different jobs in this sector.

Less red tape

Having a team of experts at your fingertips is not the only benefit of working with INKK Steel and Digital. After a reshuffle of the company and the retirement of one of the partners, we now have only one director/owner, Ivo Kunev. This means that whatever needs to happen at the company, there is only one decision maker.

In the fast-paced, relationship-based world of construction, the change ensures that whatever you need done, there is only one person you need to speak to in order to get a project moving, effectively cutting much of the red tape and confusion found in so many businesses.

Ready to get to work?

To browse the full range of our products and services, head to the official website. Alternatively, contact us directly with your steel query and we’ll be happy to discuss your unique requirements.

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