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Getting technical: Introducing our in-house COVID screens.

At INKK Steel and Digital, we have considerable expertise in creating products which help make life easier. The latest of these is our COVID screens, which have been developed to ensure businesses can continue to operate amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

Where can I use a COVID screen?

Our COVID screens can be implemented in a wide variety of different workplaces, including call centres and open-plan offices. They are designed for sturdiness and durability, far from the flimsy alternatives which are often found in this space.

Exploring our COVID screens

We offer a selection of COVID protective screens to suit your requirements. Our entry level screen can be clamped into desks for effective barrier protection between your staff, whilst also ensuring they can still see and interact with one another where necessary. Our screens can be ordered in a variety of sizes to match your needs and office space.

With adjustable settings, an aluminium frame and a window area made from UV stable polycarbonate, our COVID screens are a practical solution to an ongoing problem, allowing you to carry on with your work in safety.

Adheres to new guidelines

Our COVID screens are ideally suited to businesses eager to stay on top of the latest government guidelines. Government advice for office spaces during both the ongoing pandemic and the current national lockdown suggest those who are extremely vulnerable or in non-essential professions should not attend the workspace.

Alongside carrying out a comprehensive Covid-19 risk assessment and sharing this with staff, businesses are advised to clean more often and more thoroughly, while adhering to social distancing measures.

Workspaces which keep staff safely apart from one another using barriers are a helpful and recommended means of keeping the viral spread at bay. Our protective COVID screens work by not only keeping staff socially distant, but also by reducing the impact of crowding on your working areas.

The product has undergone a comprehensive independent test and is considered a key part of keeping workspaces safe in line with government regulation.

Manufactured in-house

For added reassurance and quality, we never outsource the manufacturing of our COVID screens. Instead, each one is developed in-house at our dedicated workshop, where we can carefully monitor each stage of development.

This results in higher-quality and superior production for our clients.

Discover our protective sneeze screens

To browse our range of COVID screens, head for the online store and check out the full collection.

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